Everyone needs good Wifi at home especially when we need to stream our Netflix shows or to relax ourselves at home. We also need good Wifi to play the computer game or even to just stroll our Facebook streams.

It is stressful when we are facing weak Wifi Connection especially in the bedroom area. What are causing the weak Wifi connections? Is it due to unreliable Internet Service Provider? 

  • Is the weak Wifi due to unreliable Internet Service Provider?

It does not mean that your Internet Service Provider is unreliable if you have weak Wifi Connections at home. If you had signed up for 1 GB Fibre broadband, your Internet Service Provider will be giving you 1 GB connection directly connected to your modem.


There are other factors that is contributing to the poor Wifi quality that you are facing at home.

  • Placement of router

Usually the number one factor is that the placement of your router at home. Routers are not designed to transmit signals over long distances. Hence, some places especially the bedrooms and toilets might fall in the Wifi dead zones in your house.

  • Poor Planning of Home Network

The second most popular reason is due to poor planning of your home network. Usually this is not in new homeowners’ priority during the home renovation stage which might cause some problems in future.

Having a good home network planning solution is very important to get good Wifi connectivity around the house.


  • So what’s the bottom line?

With the correct placement of routers at your home as well as good planning of your home network systems, you will definitely be able to improve your Wifi Connections even with the cheapest plan provided by your Internet Service Provider.  

If you would want to improve your Wifi connections at your home, minimize the Wifi dead spots and also have good Home Network planning, do contact Home Network Solutions at 86158946 to get our engineers to fix and improve your Wifi at home.

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