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HIGH QUALITY cctv cameras For your home and offices IN SINGAPORE

Having high quality CCTV will ensure an ease on mind on your property as well as protecting your loved ones. Why compromise on quality? Set up with industrial grade CCTV surveillance camera at your home now!
“We provide both analogue and digital CCTV camera solutions to fit your budget. Choose the requirement you need for your home and our experienced consultants will advise on the best location to install these camera for the best coverage.”

Types Of cctv camera we offer





Digital + Audio


Why do I need CCTV?

What to Look for When Buying a CCTV System?

• Baby Monitoring
• Anti-Theft Prevention
• Ah Long Harassment (Loan Shark)
• Neighbour Disputes
• Maid / Helper Monitoring
• Household Monitoring
• Shop / Cashier Monitoring
• Office / Staff Monitoring

• Usage for indoor or outdoor 
• Importance of Image Clarity 
• Requirement for audio? 
• Placement of CCTV 
• Lighting conditions of the place 
• Number of cameras required




Sample of CCTV installed at a 5 room BTO flat

Our CCTV Quality

Never compromise your security over PRICE with QUALITY. A long term investment that is worth for your family & business.


• 1080P FULL HD
• Up to 2MP Full-HD Video Quality
• Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
• From 1TB HDD Video Recording Storage Space
• Continues / Motion / Scheduling Recording
• Remote real-time monitoring
• Remote playback recording
• Zooming function
• Up to 30m IR Night Vision Mode
• Remote viewing on mobile / tablet devices

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