5 reasons why you need good CCTV at home


In today world, technological advancement enables us to feel more secure especially with the help of CCTV cameras at home. But what are the real advantages that you get when you install a good CCTV system? Here is a list of 5 reasons that proofs to be beneficial: –


  • Prevent Thefts and Robbery.

CCTV cameras play an important role in deterrence of robbery and thefts. There are cases in which theft cases occurs especially in new homes where newly purchased electronic items and furniture were stolen during the renovation period.  Criminals will tend to avoid houses with CCTV cameras installed as their identity would be easily recorded and will have higher chances to get caught. Thus, homeowners will have better sleep and less stress knowing that your houses won’t be a target to criminals.


  • Capture Crimes Being Committed in Videos

Usually, when a crime happened, it is difficult to catch the suspects if there are no traces or evidence of what happened during the incident. There are higher chances for the law enforcement to be able to trace the suspects with the evidence that has been captured by the CCTV camera recorder. This is especially helpful if your house has been a wrongful target for Ah Longs or illegal moneylenders and all their activities are able to be captured in camera.


  • Monitoring your children and elderly parents at home

Having to work office hours or even shift work, we usually must leave our children and elderly parents at home. CCTV cameras will able us to monitor our children and elderly parents from our mobile phone or office computers so that we are aware of the activities that they have at home especially ensuring that the kids do their homework and revision with less TV or gaming time. There are also CCTV Cameras with voice recorders in which you can listen to the activities happening at home too as well as communicate directly with your kids or parents from the voice recorder.


  • Monitor your maid

It does not mean that you don’t trust your maid with a CCTV camera being installed at home. The CCTV instead will be able to monitor that your maid is doing an exceptional work at home taking care of your household chores as well as your young children. You also can monitor the activities that is happening throughout the day and ensuring that your maid and children are well taken care of at home.



  • Monitoring your Property Remotely

Going for a long holiday? Or Are you renting out your common bedrooms? Or your current house is a weekend home as you are still staying at your parents during weekdays? CCTV camera is effective way to know that there are no strangers entering your house premises without your permission. We have a past customer with a case that there was a stranger using their house swimming pool without any of their knowledge for a period when there was no one at home. Luckily for a good neighbor that notify them of this occurrence.


Having CCTV camera is as good as having a helpful eagle-eyed neighbor helping to watch your property for you. It is recommended that you install a sharp 1080h Full HD Camera system that is very sharp, and you can see clearly all the faces and items in the recorder. What more, CCTV system is low maintenance and you can use this for a long time without breaking your wallets.


If you are ready to install a good industrialize grade camera at your home, you can contact Home Network Solutions at 8615 8946 or go to our homepage at www.homenet.sg.  Our engineers are experienced in providing the best CCTV Solutions for your home.





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