It has been two decades since the internet changed our lives and transformed the world into a global village. Yes, it’s the “world wide web” that makes access to people all around the world easy but what makes access to the “world wide web” so easy and comfortable?

You’ve guessed it right – it’s Wi-Fi!

After the internet, it is the most useful development in modern technology. It allows us to go wireless while still being able to connect with the “world wide web”.

But a slow Wi-Fi can turn the “world wide web” into “world wide wait” and nothing feels worse than your slow as a snail Wi-Fi.

Therefore, here are 5 most possible reasons you still face weak Wi-Fi at home.

  1. Many Concrete Walls

Although Wi-Fi signals can easily penetrate through most objects with little to no drops in speed, there are still some objects that are too hard and nearly impossible for Wi-Fi signals to pierce through such as metals, cement or concrete etc. So if your router is surrounded by too many concrete walls, we suggest to place it somewhere open for example in the living room. Especially in Singapore, we currently seeing higher number of cases of not getting Wi-Fi signals in the bedrooms due to many concrete walls present.

  1. The distance of Wi-Fi Routers

Maybe you never noticed but sometimes the only reason why your Wi-Fi gets weak is that you’re too far from it. Routers are not designed to transmit signals over long distances, so there may be hot spots and dead zones in your home. So keep your devices in range to use your Wi-Fi to the fullest.

  1. Other Wi-Fi Networks

Wireless signals work on different channels similar to radio signals, and all routers near your area are connected to these channels and if it is a crowded neighborhood then this is a problem. In practice, if your wireless router and your neighbor’s router both broadcast a Wi-Fi signal on the same channel, this could cause interruptions.

  1. Other Electrical Devices in your home

Even the most high-quality router equipped with all the latest technologies is limited in terms of its range and signal strength. After solid obstacles like concrete walls, metal, and electrical appliances are other obstacles that come between you and your Wi-Fi. Appliances like microwaves and cordless phones work on almost the same frequency as Wi-Fi (i.e. 2.450 GHz), so keep your router away from them.

  1. Number of users

When you are on a Wi-Fi network alone, you can go wild and crazy and use it to the fullest. If you have just the right number users you can still enjoy using it without any problem. The problem starts when too many users come in, the network quickly becomes crowded and the fun becomes severely limited. So always take care of how many people you let into your Wi-Fi network. If your network is open (not password protected), change the security setting immediately.

In this article, we’ve tried to cover some of the most possible reasons for Wi-Fi slowdowns.

If you are facing the problem don’t worry at all, visit our website or reach us at or just dial 86158946 and get your WiFi fixed and improved!

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